Thursday, 20 May 2010

My summer of theatre!

Thursday, 20 May 2010 12:38 am
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I've pretty much decided that I shall take the Bolt bus this weekend up to the city and catch a performance of "Lena!". It's only on until the 26th, so if I don't go this weekned, I'll miss it.

Just have to check the bus schedule to see if I can get a ride back after the show as I'd like to avoid packing, etc. as well as the hotel bill.

Next up, "Naked Boys Singing" in DC then Tracie Thoms at the end of June in NYC, and sometime a visit to NYC with C to see Avenue Q and probably something else.

Of course, the Fringe Festival is coming, and I'm hopeful that [ profile] afro_dyte will get "Tulpa or Anne&Me" performed. So those are both pencilled on to the calendar as well.

Yay for live theatre, be it plays, musicals or cabaret!
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As I was driving home this evening I was listening to "On Point" and they featured part of Ms. Streep's address to the 2010 Barnard graduating class.

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It's just over 28 minutes.

I particularly found it interesting when she talks about how men's attitudes to her characters have changed, where they can see through Miranda Priestly's eyes. (approx. 24 mins. in.)

Also? I'll have to search to see if there's a youtube copy of her Vassar speech (27 yrs. ago) or a transcript someplace.

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