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It's been sort of an annoying campaign season for me this year. I can't stand who McCain has become since he lost in 2000, and he's against too many things I believe in like abortion rights, and gay rights while having turned off his humanity in agreeing that it's okay to torture. And his selection of running mate? Who was he kidding? Okay, Karl Rove told him he had to do it, and couldn't have Lieberman.... I'm guessing that any decent Republican woman such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Olympia Snow, if they weren't on the hate-list, were too moderate, or just said "no".

Obama has gone centrist, which I realize he had to do to reach out and get votes. (And Bill Clinton did the same which got him elected. So I hope it works for Barak.) But as much as I want Change and Hope and an end to the madness and (perceived - since I'm not a lawyer) illegallity that has become our government's actions over the past 8 years, I just worry that Obama's not going to undo the excesses of BushCo and their extensions of presidential privilege/authority.

So, since I live in Maryland, and I feel it's a pretty decent bet that Maryland is going for Obama, I'm voting for McKinney/Clemente of the Green Party.

1. I want third-party representation in future elections, and my one vote helps toward that.
2. The Green Party supports the idea of pursuing charges against Bush/Cheney.

Steny's not getting my vote either, since he let the telecom immunity go through. (And I've supported Steny a long time.)

So we'll see. Good luck, Senator Obama. I certainly hope you win over McCain. But as my friends and I've discussed, I have to vote my conscience.

(And to think this is my first actual personal lj-post.)

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