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I don't often do this, and perhaps I should more often, but here are a couple of recommendations for some Devil Wears Prada femslash. Written by [ profile] girlie_girl_23 in response to prompts offered from winning bids in the [ profile] help_japan auction last year, I found them both to be very enjoyable, and they will go on my permanent to-read-again (and again) list.[Bad username or site: The Sweet Science This one was written in response to my own prompt for Andy and Miranda in an old-school boxing gym. At the time I came up with the prompt, I'd been listening to NPR and a story they did on a boxing gym and that establishment's guidance, mentoring and support of disadvantaged youth. That story reminded me of the craze from years back (1980s perhaps?) for boxing as a fitness regimen. Since I tend to think Miranda is the sort to be into more active exercise activity, and she was "coming up" at the same time that boxing became the "hot" thing to do, I wondered: wouldn't it be fun to see Miranda doing something other than yoga or pilates?And then, what would it be like to see Andy and Miranda go at it in the ring? girlie_girl_23 @] drew me the picture wonderfully, and I loved it from the setup to the action and then to the aftermath. (Additionally, now I'm going to have to find out who Erica and Kate are, and see what other fic is out there for them. A new fandom or two? One never knows!) *g*

Not Made to Woo
This story (in 2 parts) was also written for the [ profile] help_japan auction; this time for [ profile] perks123, who asked for a story that was "a humorous story that showcased Emily in a good light and had Miranda having to work a little harder to get Andy." And boy, does Miranda have to work for it! I loved this. Emily is such a good sort here, doing spy-duty and doling out advice. For the woman who never asks Miranda anything to be giving dating advice; this was terrific and quite funny! Of course, Miranda being who she is, there will be mix ups and miscommunications which add to the plot and "characters" of the story. [ profile] girlie_girl_23  and I share a love of Broadway and Not Made to Woo even brings the theatre to Andy and the reader in ways only Miranda might do.

A couple rounds of applause from me for both these stories, and I will look forward to future stories from this talented writer.
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So on the stack of books (both physical and electronic) that comprise my reading list for 2012 is a book on Monroe and Madison (Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, The Bill of Rights and the Election That Saved a Nation - Chris DeRose); it was an advanced reader's copy, and I'm not sure of the publication date. When I read non-fiction I prefer if I learn something new (or get reminded of something I used to know, but had forgotten.) So here's a list of things I learned from reading this book: )
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Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Devil Wears Prada-style
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: pretty much G
Author's Note: Inspired by [ profile] kali_blue[ profile] mxrolkr's request for a DWP 12 Days of Christmas here in the Christmas Cracker Fic-a-thon. I'm so sorry! I just realized I'd given credit to the wrong person for the prompt.
I generally don't write, but thought I had some ideas that could work.  I hope this suits.
Thanks: Many thanks to [ profile] jazwriter for tossing ideas around with me in chat, letting me know when she thought I'd taken a wrong turn, and making suggestions that inspired my thought processes. (Heck, I should probably have offered her co-author status.) Thanks also to [ profile] damelola for her feedback, when I was uncertain whether to post. I've gone and changed things after listening to other feedback, and my gut. Any mistakes are mine, because I specifically decided against some suggestions.
Disclaimer:  The movie, The Devil Wears Prada, belongs to 20th Century Fox and L. Weisberger. It was unreadable as a book, so all props for producing a film inspiring so many fanworks truly belong to: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, David Frankel and Aline Brosh-McKenna. This homage is a non-profit fanwork, and should fall under the fair use doctrine.
Dedication: I dedicate this to [ profile] chilly_flame for her Small Favors stories, which were the first DWP fics I read, and to the wonderful writers who have offered me the honor of beta-ing for them. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Devil Wears Prada-style
...under the cut... )
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I sent this "challenge" out to [ profile] bargara_b a few weeks ago while she was recovering from surgery. She told me I really should post it, and now I'm finally doing so.

Amongst my recent book reads has been They Call Me Naughty Lola. It is a collection of personals from the London Review of Books.

These ads are much fun and very different than the average personals ads I've seen in the US or heard about from friends of the online ads. Google Books preview here and a blog post summarizing entries from various book reviews here.

So keeping in mind the "higher caliber", "honesty" and quirkiness of the LRB lonely-hearts ads, I wondered: what Miranda's ad would read as? :

Two divorces. Twins.  No, that refers to my daughters, not the ex-husbands; although the men did ultimately share striking similarities. Having decided to give up on the males of the species, if you're not Runway-thin, you can choose to respond to Box 4769. That's all.

So that's my piss-poor attempt. Your challenge is to write one either for Miranda or Andy. Or Emily, Lily, Nigel, Doug, etc.  <g>  A bitter ad from Nate?

And if you are involved in other fandoms, what would those characters use for their ads? I've tried to come up with something for J/7 but I got nothing. :-(
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It's beginning to look like Christmas with announcements of "Early Black Friday" sales starting to appear in mailboxes and Santas arriving at local malls this weekend. So the question on people's minds is who will get Miranda's name in the Secret Santa exchange this year?

The 2nd Annual DWP Secret Santa Fic Exchange

I got a call from our lovely mod, [ profile] grdnofevrythng, asking if I would organize our Second Annual Secret Santa exchange for the [ profile] dvlwears_prada community this year. Of course I said yes, since who can resist a request by our mod?

Last year's Secret Santa Exchange produced a terrific batch of fic, songmixes, graphics and vids. Can we do it again?

The Second Annual Devil Wears Prada Secret Santa Fic Exchange

And even though it's called the fic exchange, it's not limited to fic because we know there are many talented people in the community with gifts other than writing.

**How it works

Step 1. Respond to this post with your wishlist form between November 8th - November 15th at 11pm EST. Any type of created gift is acceptable to ask for: fanfic, banners, icons, wallpapers, videos, music mixes, etc. Commenting with a wishlist automatically means that you will have to be a Secret Santa  for someone else.

Step 2. During the week of November 16th - November 22nd you will be contacted and given the name of another member who also posted their wishlist. NOTE: Please do not reveal yourself to your Secret Santa recipient. This will only ruin the surprise.

Step 3. Kick your creative booty into gear, and get cracking on making a "present" for your Secret Santa. Should you have any questions for your Secret Santa, please email me, and I will post the question for you. Satisfying the entire wishlist is not necessary. Any contribution will be appreciated by your Secret Santa.

Step 4. The big reveal. Gifts are to be posted between December 24th and January 5th.

Step 5. If you are unable to complete your gift, please contact me. I will arrange a back-up gifter to complete your gift.

Step 6. After January 5th, I will do a gift round up, and ensure that those who have not received their gifts are granted a back-up Santa, and in turn receive gifts.



Name/LJ username: Important we know this for tagging purposes.

Email address: So we know where to send you the information of your Secret Santa. If you prefer not to post it in public, please email it to me (with your LJ name) at shesgottaread [at]

What I want: Be as specific as possible. Want a fanfic? Then make sure you state what kind and what characters you prefer. Want graphics? What kind . . . what characters do you like? The more specific you are and the more you ask for, the better the odds that you'll get fabulous gifts that you've always wanted!

What I can do: What do you prefer creating? Fic, icons, graphics in general, videos? Help us give you an assignment you'll be comfortable with.

What I absolutely won't do: If there's a character, pairing, or genre you can't write, or if you think you'll only be able to make graphics, etc., say so here.

Anything Else: For any information that might not be covered by the above questions.

Are you willing to provide a backup contribution? Yes, no or maybe are all acceptable answers. While we may ask for back-up Santas, if you know you won't have the time please don't feel obliged to answer yes. If you're not sure, feel free to put maybe, and let me know definitely closer to the dates.

taken from [ profile] grdnofevrythng's post last year here who took it from: [ profile] gossipgirlsanta and adapted.

Thanks to [ profile] grdnofevrythng for the Runway cover you see above.

Edited to turn screening off. Note: You should email me directly if you don't want your email address or wish list to be public. Thank you for participating.

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