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I've just spent the past few days with sgr:tng*. That group consists of six nieces and one nephew, ranging in age from 19 to 6. They're all great kids.

Events of the past few days included:
  • the twin's graduation from high school, with one twin hugging the principal and my overhearing this: "at my graduation my mother was dressed in white vinyl go-go boots and a camoflauge jacket." I'm thinking that belongs in a fic somewhere.

  • playing a version of Monopoly that introduced "economic stimulus" and "great aunt" payouts to the game. Turns out that the government is more generous than the great aunt--they paid $500 while she only handed out one-tenth that amount. I was also guilty of driving up prices at auction and bidding low to buy property in private deals. Since we all acknowledged what evils of the marketplace I was exhibiting in making others spend more than they needed, I think it was educational. At least I didn't make anyone cry.

  • I took the kids (most of them) to see Shrek Forever After and may I say that 3D is just not all that? Otherwise, it may not have been quite to the standard set by the previous 3 films, it was enjoyable nonetheless.

  • Our outing also included listening to the soundtrack cds from Glee (vols. 1 & 2), and seat-dancing in the car. We were rolling and rocking.
    We stopped at the "DQ (Dairy Queen)" for ice cream after the movie, and I got to meet a couple of the twins's friends. One of whom is the ex-gf of my niece.
    then it was off to Barnes & Noble for books. Years ago I went by the handle "BookPusher" and still indulge in that activity. It pleased me to see everyone so eager for more books. My sisters have raised 'em right.
  • Last night, I introduced them to Helen Reddy & her song 'I Am Woman', Bill Cosby's 'Chicken Heart', Nancy Sinatra's Boots, the Playing For Change videos/songs and flash mobs. We're all agreed that if we ran into a flash mob, we'd try to join in (and get pictures).

So why the current subject line? While we were all seat-dancing in the car on our outing, I was told that a friend had said "Your aunt is cool". I'm thinking that if it gets passed back to me, then she (they?) must think I'm doing okay as an aunt. I sure hope so.

Thanks for listening.

* shesgottaread:the next generation, in case I was too obsure with my Star Trek reference. :-D
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