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I don't often do this, and perhaps I should more often, but here are a couple of recommendations for some Devil Wears Prada femslash. Written by [ profile] girlie_girl_23 in response to prompts offered from winning bids in the [ profile] help_japan auction last year, I found them both to be very enjoyable, and they will go on my permanent to-read-again (and again) list.[Bad username or site: The Sweet Science This one was written in response to my own prompt for Andy and Miranda in an old-school boxing gym. At the time I came up with the prompt, I'd been listening to NPR and a story they did on a boxing gym and that establishment's guidance, mentoring and support of disadvantaged youth. That story reminded me of the craze from years back (1980s perhaps?) for boxing as a fitness regimen. Since I tend to think Miranda is the sort to be into more active exercise activity, and she was "coming up" at the same time that boxing became the "hot" thing to do, I wondered: wouldn't it be fun to see Miranda doing something other than yoga or pilates?And then, what would it be like to see Andy and Miranda go at it in the ring? girlie_girl_23 @] drew me the picture wonderfully, and I loved it from the setup to the action and then to the aftermath. (Additionally, now I'm going to have to find out who Erica and Kate are, and see what other fic is out there for them. A new fandom or two? One never knows!) *g*

Not Made to Woo
This story (in 2 parts) was also written for the [ profile] help_japan auction; this time for [ profile] perks123, who asked for a story that was "a humorous story that showcased Emily in a good light and had Miranda having to work a little harder to get Andy." And boy, does Miranda have to work for it! I loved this. Emily is such a good sort here, doing spy-duty and doling out advice. For the woman who never asks Miranda anything to be giving dating advice; this was terrific and quite funny! Of course, Miranda being who she is, there will be mix ups and miscommunications which add to the plot and "characters" of the story. [ profile] girlie_girl_23  and I share a love of Broadway and Not Made to Woo even brings the theatre to Andy and the reader in ways only Miranda might do.

A couple rounds of applause from me for both these stories, and I will look forward to future stories from this talented writer.


Friday, 3 February 2012 05:00 pm
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My dad is finally home. Well, he's only been in the hospital since Tuesday, but still . . . 

So while he recovers from esophageal ulcers, he must give up mainstays of his diet: lasagna, spaghetti, pizza. Not sure what else, but I expect that it will be a tough adjustment for him and the rest of the family--in particular, my mom.

He'd only retired last week!  Sick after having to give up over 1000 hours of sick time. (sources are mixed on whether he will be paid any of those accumulated hours.)

So to my friends who have been waiting for me to get things to them, I shall be working vigorously this weekend to catch up. Thanks for your patience, and my apologies if I hadn't written to let you know what was going on--only managed a couple of those emails. *here's crossed fingers nothing else goes craptastic.*

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So on the stack of books (both physical and electronic) that comprise my reading list for 2012 is a book on Monroe and Madison (Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, The Bill of Rights and the Election That Saved a Nation - Chris DeRose); it was an advanced reader's copy, and I'm not sure of the publication date. When I read non-fiction I prefer if I learn something new (or get reminded of something I used to know, but had forgotten.) So here's a list of things I learned from reading this book: )

ignore please.

Thursday, 5 January 2012 09:42 am
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This is a test of the Dreamwidth 'cut' system.... 

Read more... )
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Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Devil Wears Prada-style
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: pretty much G
Author's Note: Inspired by [ profile] kali_blue[ profile] mxrolkr's request for a DWP 12 Days of Christmas here in the Christmas Cracker Fic-a-thon. I'm so sorry! I just realized I'd given credit to the wrong person for the prompt.
I generally don't write, but thought I had some ideas that could work.  I hope this suits.
Thanks: Many thanks to [ profile] jazwriter for tossing ideas around with me in chat, letting me know when she thought I'd taken a wrong turn, and making suggestions that inspired my thought processes. (Heck, I should probably have offered her co-author status.) Thanks also to [ profile] damelola for her feedback, when I was uncertain whether to post. I've gone and changed things after listening to other feedback, and my gut. Any mistakes are mine, because I specifically decided against some suggestions.
Disclaimer:  The movie, The Devil Wears Prada, belongs to 20th Century Fox and L. Weisberger. It was unreadable as a book, so all props for producing a film inspiring so many fanworks truly belong to: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, David Frankel and Aline Brosh-McKenna. This homage is a non-profit fanwork, and should fall under the fair use doctrine.
Dedication: I dedicate this to [ profile] chilly_flame for her Small Favors stories, which were the first DWP fics I read, and to the wonderful writers who have offered me the honor of beta-ing for them. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Devil Wears Prada-style
...under the cut... )

Claudia Con UK

Sunday, 14 August 2011 03:24 pm
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Having a great time this weekend at the Claudia Con!

Details to follow.

Ah. Rain.

Monday, 25 July 2011 03:11 pm
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Actually, it is coming down quite hard. I may have the definition wrong, but it's one of those rains that I think of when I hear the word "torrential". Glad I made it back to the office before it */really/* got started.
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Recently I've been seeing more and more omission of the hyphen in compound words. So what is a beta to do?

I asked about it during the Beta panel at this year's Femslash Con, and learned that this trend is encouraged, if not insisted on, by at least one publisher. In discussions with one of my co-workers--see? That looks so much better than coworkers--even some of the folks at my employer have been on a campaign to either "save the hyphen" or "eradicate the hyphen", depending on how you want to look at it. As if the hyphen were an endangered species and only so many exist in the universe. What's next? The apostrophe? We already have enough problems with apostrophe misuse in the world. LOL

What would you do? Leave "pale blue eyes" as is, or put the hyphen in, ala "pale-blue eyes"? Is it "ex husband", "exhusband" or "ex-husband"? If I'm editing your story and I add the hyphen into your text, am I making work for both of us by my insistence on preserving this endangered species: I insert it, and then you have to reject the change?

And yes, I am aware that I sometimes have a problem with comma-overuse. Hopefully I will have curtailed that tendency a bit in this post. But really, if Andy's described as that "Chanel-attired endearing doe-eyed hooker"--prompt anyone?--I want commas there!

Thanks for your attention, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. It will help me improve as I beta some really great stories. :-)
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This month, Jack (aka Anne) and those who love her have got at least two things to celebrate!

November 24th, her new film "Love & Other Drugs" opens. Here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it already
[Error: unknown template video]

and before that, on November 12th we all get to celebrate her 28th birthday!

For her birthday, I'll be going to New York City to attend a combined staged reading of [ profile] afro_dyte's play, Tulpa, or Anne&Me and the birthday party being held after the show. Having read an earlier version of the play, I can say that I can't wait to see this thought-provoking work given life by people outside my head! Won't you join us?

Here are the details:  )

WHO: [ profile] afro_dyte
WHAT: Staged reading for Tulpa, or Anne&Me combined with birthday party for Anne Hathaway (aka Andy aka Jack). There will be cake. There will be balloons. There may be party hats.
WHEN: Friday, November 12 at 8pm
WHERE: WOW Cafe Theatre, 59 E. 4th Street, New York, NY
WHY: Fundraising for Crossroads Theatre Project and WOW Cafe Theatre.
HOW: Click on the Fractured Atlas button below to send a donation to Crossroads Theatre Project. Suggested donation $10. $25 or more lets you join the raffle for an autographed copy of the script. $50 gets you your own autographed copy of the script (no raffle needed). All donors will be named on the playbill.

Donate now!

When Anne Hathaway crawls out of your television, what do you do?

Tulpa, or Anne&Me tells the story of a Black lesbian with an overactive imagination who forges an unlikely bond with Anne Hathaway. Guided by two guardian angels of Blackness (or are they voices in her head?), she struggles to connect with Anne across the thorny barrier between Black and White women. Through a series of visitations merging memory, reality and fantasy, Tulpa, or Anne&Me wrestles with the racial tensions that haunt even our most intimate relationships.

Raw, intimate, and unapologetic, Tulpa, or Anne&Me blends pop culture, Tibetan mysticism and womanism to begin the conversation about race that Black women and White women have never been allowed to have. Until now.

Read what some people are saying about Tulpa, or Anne&Me at:

Crossroads Theatre Project is a collaboration of new Black playwrights whose works explore how race intersects with other identities and challenge mainstream ideas about Black theatre.

The crossroads are rooted in African folklore, Vodou, and Delta blues as a place where strange and unexpected things happen. Anything can happen on the crossroads. You can speak with the dead, meet the spirits of your ancestors, or even sell your soul to the Devil.

Crossroads Theatre Project is the anti-Chitlin Circuit created to break barriers and undermine stereotypes by presenting thoughtful new stories by and about African Americans today. In the simplest terms, this means: no maids; no crackheads; no Tyler Perry.

The vision of Crossroads Theatre Project is nearly identical to 13P. The idea is to use our shared passion for theater and our status as Othered to empower us when it comes to gathering resources and reaching out to potential audiences and creative partners. We're committed to giving people theatre by and about us that challenges what people assume we stand for and/or are interested in. The goal of Crossroads Theatre Project is to incubate the works of new Black playwrights from first draft through full production.

Read more about Crossroads Theatre Project here.

Cow Appreciation Day

Friday, 9 July 2010 01:35 pm
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I don't know if you have 'em, but Chick-fil-a has the best ads with the cows. And so, it's Cow Appreciation Day today. I can just see a bunch of people climbing out of a car all dressed as cows. ;-D

Some of us at work talked about going to try it, but the heat's been so bad this week we've given up on it. Maybe next year.

Love me them cows.

It's dress like a Cow Day....

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I sent this "challenge" out to [ profile] bargara_b a few weeks ago while she was recovering from surgery. She told me I really should post it, and now I'm finally doing so.

Amongst my recent book reads has been They Call Me Naughty Lola. It is a collection of personals from the London Review of Books.

These ads are much fun and very different than the average personals ads I've seen in the US or heard about from friends of the online ads. Google Books preview here and a blog post summarizing entries from various book reviews here.

So keeping in mind the "higher caliber", "honesty" and quirkiness of the LRB lonely-hearts ads, I wondered: what Miranda's ad would read as? :

Two divorces. Twins.  No, that refers to my daughters, not the ex-husbands; although the men did ultimately share striking similarities. Having decided to give up on the males of the species, if you're not Runway-thin, you can choose to respond to Box 4769. That's all.

So that's my piss-poor attempt. Your challenge is to write one either for Miranda or Andy. Or Emily, Lily, Nigel, Doug, etc.  <g>  A bitter ad from Nate?

And if you are involved in other fandoms, what would those characters use for their ads? I've tried to come up with something for J/7 but I got nothing. :-(
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I've just spent the past few days with sgr:tng*. That group consists of six nieces and one nephew, ranging in age from 19 to 6. They're all great kids.

Events of the past few days included: )
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As I was driving home this evening I was listening to "On Point" and they featured part of Ms. Streep's address to the 2010 Barnard graduating class.

[Error: unknown template video]

It's just over 28 minutes.

I particularly found it interesting when she talks about how men's attitudes to her characters have changed, where they can see through Miranda Priestly's eyes. (approx. 24 mins. in.)

Also? I'll have to search to see if there's a youtube copy of her Vassar speech (27 yrs. ago) or a transcript someplace.

cross-posted at the dvlwears_prada community.

My summer of theatre!

Thursday, 20 May 2010 12:38 am
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I've pretty much decided that I shall take the Bolt bus this weekend up to the city and catch a performance of "Lena!". It's only on until the 26th, so if I don't go this weekned, I'll miss it.

Just have to check the bus schedule to see if I can get a ride back after the show as I'd like to avoid packing, etc. as well as the hotel bill.

Next up, "Naked Boys Singing" in DC then Tracie Thoms at the end of June in NYC, and sometime a visit to NYC with C to see Avenue Q and probably something else.

Of course, the Fringe Festival is coming, and I'm hopeful that [ profile] afro_dyte will get "Tulpa or Anne&Me" performed. So those are both pencilled on to the calendar as well.

Yay for live theatre, be it plays, musicals or cabaret!
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On Friday afternoon, I was going to my car to go get lunch when I tripped and fell. Now normally when I fall (which I don't do often) it's just a quick "okay, get back up" event. This time, the pain in my ankle let me know I needed to proceed carefully.

Well, besides a skinned knee and sore wrist, my right ankle was hurting bad. I called the office and asked if we had any ace bandages, since I didn't feel like walking into a store to buy one. The drive-through for lunch was do-able, despite the nausea. Once I got back to the office, my coworkers were great, bringing me ice and a wrap and even lending me a cane. Thanks MB for that cane!

After spending most of the weekend with it wrapped, iced and up, it's feeling much better.

So what does one do about an ex who is a) your neighbor, b) a friend, c) an habitué of the same local gay bar and sometimes, d) a bit of an asshat?

Here's what happened: Due to the sprain, I couldn't really drive any more so had canceled my plans to go to Drag Bingo on Sat. night. Then I got a call from the ex offering to pick me up and take me to bingo. Also, a loan of crutches was on offer. Okay, that sounds fine. We get there and since my other friends weren't going, and I didn't really know any one else, I got to sit with the ex and the other trans-men. (Can I just say some of these guys were hot as women, and while I salute their acknowledgment of their inner truths, I mourn the loss of hot lesbians? Okay, some of them used to be straight women, but still...)

The evening progresses and the games go on when I get a bingo! (That was pretty amazing with my luck.) The ex took that opportunity to choose asshattery with a snarky comment about my sexuality. Sure, I don't know many of the people there, but hey, I don't need "she wishes" yelled to the entire bar. And now that I think on it, I'm pretty sure drunkenness must have been a contributing factor to this behavior, and I--having had a couple cocktails myself--rode home with the ex behind the wheel. That really pisses me off even more. There's a reason that I enjoy going to NYC, and that's the quick and easy availability of taxis when I want to have more than one cocktail. Otherwise, I'm usually the designated driver, and rarely have even the one cocktail.

Oh well, that's my rant for the quarter.
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It's beginning to look like Christmas with announcements of "Early Black Friday" sales starting to appear in mailboxes and Santas arriving at local malls this weekend. So the question on people's minds is who will get Miranda's name in the Secret Santa exchange this year?

The 2nd Annual DWP Secret Santa Fic Exchange

I got a call from our lovely mod, [ profile] grdnofevrythng, asking if I would organize our Second Annual Secret Santa exchange for the [ profile] dvlwears_prada community this year. Of course I said yes, since who can resist a request by our mod?

Last year's Secret Santa Exchange produced a terrific batch of fic, songmixes, graphics and vids. Can we do it again?

The Second Annual Devil Wears Prada Secret Santa Fic Exchange

And even though it's called the fic exchange, it's not limited to fic because we know there are many talented people in the community with gifts other than writing.

**How it works

Step 1. Respond to this post with your wishlist form between November 8th - November 15th at 11pm EST. Any type of created gift is acceptable to ask for: fanfic, banners, icons, wallpapers, videos, music mixes, etc. Commenting with a wishlist automatically means that you will have to be a Secret Santa  for someone else.

Step 2. During the week of November 16th - November 22nd you will be contacted and given the name of another member who also posted their wishlist. NOTE: Please do not reveal yourself to your Secret Santa recipient. This will only ruin the surprise.

Step 3. Kick your creative booty into gear, and get cracking on making a "present" for your Secret Santa. Should you have any questions for your Secret Santa, please email me, and I will post the question for you. Satisfying the entire wishlist is not necessary. Any contribution will be appreciated by your Secret Santa.

Step 4. The big reveal. Gifts are to be posted between December 24th and January 5th.

Step 5. If you are unable to complete your gift, please contact me. I will arrange a back-up gifter to complete your gift.

Step 6. After January 5th, I will do a gift round up, and ensure that those who have not received their gifts are granted a back-up Santa, and in turn receive gifts.



Name/LJ username: Important we know this for tagging purposes.

Email address: So we know where to send you the information of your Secret Santa. If you prefer not to post it in public, please email it to me (with your LJ name) at shesgottaread [at]

What I want: Be as specific as possible. Want a fanfic? Then make sure you state what kind and what characters you prefer. Want graphics? What kind . . . what characters do you like? The more specific you are and the more you ask for, the better the odds that you'll get fabulous gifts that you've always wanted!

What I can do: What do you prefer creating? Fic, icons, graphics in general, videos? Help us give you an assignment you'll be comfortable with.

What I absolutely won't do: If there's a character, pairing, or genre you can't write, or if you think you'll only be able to make graphics, etc., say so here.

Anything Else: For any information that might not be covered by the above questions.

Are you willing to provide a backup contribution? Yes, no or maybe are all acceptable answers. While we may ask for back-up Santas, if you know you won't have the time please don't feel obliged to answer yes. If you're not sure, feel free to put maybe, and let me know definitely closer to the dates.

taken from [ profile] grdnofevrythng's post last year here who took it from: [ profile] gossipgirlsanta and adapted.

Thanks to [ profile] grdnofevrythng for the Runway cover you see above.

Edited to turn screening off. Note: You should email me directly if you don't want your email address or wish list to be public. Thank you for participating.

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Or maybe you've done nothing.

But it certainly seems like the text box and buttons on the main Google page have gotten bigger in the past day. As I increase and decrease the font size displayed, the text box gets larger and larger. It's annoying.

your help, please?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 04:23 pm
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Does anyone have recommendations on where to (and whether or not to) upload my NYC pics?


I've read stories where Jack talks about the paps following her when she was walking around town dressed as a guy. Has anyone seen pictures? I've yet to find them.


Sunday, 7 June 2009 05:28 pm
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Thanks to [info] - personaliulia_linnea  and [personal profile] mrs_ogg[personal profile] mrs_ogg  for supplying me with an invite code.  It's much appreciated.

And I guess thanks also go to the forgotten journal I was on that linked to dreamwidth, reminding me of it, and causing a search for invite codes. Now, a search for femslash shall commence.

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Hmm, does this mean there will be more trailers? Yay!
Looks like it will be good. Got a screen cap of the end, now I just have to figure out where/how to upload it so it can be posted.
Julie and Julia - Trailer No. 1 - @ Moviefone

August 7th, 2009 -- Meryl and Stanley, FTW!
Supposedly there's another big movie coming out soon. Got an invite from Dell to breakfast/sales spiel then see some rip-off flick. I pass. May 8th or something like it, blerg.

And how should I tag this?
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...with no disrespect meant to Mr. Rodgers, it's actually a crappy day
in the neighborhood.

Ice, Ice, Ice. But I got to go in late, although I had done some work
from home this morning. Frustratingly, there was only so much I could do
about the sidewalk in front of my house. You see, there's a bit of a
slope from the main court sidewalk down to the fence gate. And the ice
accumulation last night seems to have been highest at the top half of
the slope, leaving the bottom half, next to the gate to be a thin sheet
of just ice this morning.

When the coating is that light, it doesn't scrape away very well. So I
put out chemical and did the slip-slide around my auto to clear the windows.

In other - non-weather related - news, I'm trying out the option of
posting by email! This is one of the reasons I went ahead and took
advantage of the Permanent account sale this past December. If it works,
then I'll maybe actually post more.
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It's been sort of an annoying campaign season for me this year. I can't stand who McCain has become since he lost in 2000, and he's against too many things I believe in like abortion rights, and gay rights while having turned off his humanity in agreeing that it's okay to torture. And his selection of running mate? Who was he kidding? Okay, Karl Rove told him he had to do it, and couldn't have Lieberman.... I'm guessing that any decent Republican woman such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Olympia Snow, if they weren't on the hate-list, were too moderate, or just said "no".

Obama has gone centrist, which I realize he had to do to reach out and get votes. (And Bill Clinton did the same which got him elected. So I hope it works for Barak.) But as much as I want Change and Hope and an end to the madness and (perceived - since I'm not a lawyer) illegallity that has become our government's actions over the past 8 years, I just worry that Obama's not going to undo the excesses of BushCo and their extensions of presidential privilege/authority.

So, since I live in Maryland, and I feel it's a pretty decent bet that Maryland is going for Obama, I'm voting for McKinney/Clemente of the Green Party.

1. I want third-party representation in future elections, and my one vote helps toward that.
2. The Green Party supports the idea of pursuing charges against Bush/Cheney.

Steny's not getting my vote either, since he let the telecom immunity go through. (And I've supported Steny a long time.)

So we'll see. Good luck, Senator Obama. I certainly hope you win over McCain. But as my friends and I've discussed, I have to vote my conscience.

(And to think this is my first actual personal lj-post.)
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